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  • When to replace a gas water heater?
    Most gas water heaters need replacement every eight to twelve years; however, factors such as hard water can shorten that lifespan. Stivey’s Plumbing provides water heater repairs whenever possible and recommends a new gas water heater replacement if: The gas water heater is aging and needs frequent repairs The hot water looks milky, rusty, or black, even after flushing The water heater makes excessive rumbling noise, even after flushing The water heater leaks from the relief valve or elsewhere
  • What are Maintenance and repairs for electric water heaters?
    If there is no hot water, fluctuating temperatures, or other issues with an electric water heater, the Stivey’s Plumbing can inspect the heater and find the simplest solution possible. Sometimes it requires a simple flush to remove scale buildup, but other times we’ll need to replace a part. We can perform the following electric water heater services: Repairing thermostats (electric water heaters have two) Heating element replacement Pressure relief valve repair or replacement Fixing leaks in hot water plumbing Water heater flushing and cleaning
  • What are the Remodeling Plumbing Services?
    We offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, so clients who are ready to make significant changes to their existing kitchen floor plan should contact Stivey’s Plumbing. We can take care of all the water lines, pipes, and installations, including: Bathroom Remodel Plumbing Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Home Addition Plumbing Rerouting Pipes Wet Bar Plumbing Finished Basement Plumbing Shower Plumbing Toilet Removal & Replacement Sink & Faucet Installation
  • What are the Plumbing Installation services?
    Home Plumbing Plumbing Installation Toilet Installation Kitchen Plumbing Installation Faucets Drain Pipe Installation Bathtub Plumbing Installation Shower Plumbing Installation Shower Drain Installation Bathroom Sink Installation Plumbing Repairs
  • When Does a Toilet Need to be Replaced?
    When a homeowner is deciding if it’s time to replace the toilet, there are a few reasons a plumber might recommend the homeowner consider, including: It is an older toilet that wastes a lot of water It requires frequent repairs There is a crack in the tank Clogs develop even after drain cleaning and repairs
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